Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vesrah Lion Hayes gets it Roaring in Wisconsin

First race of the year was the WEMS Northern Kettle race. Ken Melville and Mike Laney tried something new as 2010 is gonna be a bit of an experimental year...whatever that means. So 6 Hour Duo riders beware...

Race started good Kenny got off to a good start as usual...bringin his Top Fuel around in 1st after the first lap. Lionized Mike Laney headed out on his first lap...after some gearbox problems...i know excuses excuses...new drivetrain is on the way...Laney dropped a position and Team Vesrah Lion Hayes was in 2nd after lap 2...The Team faught hard the rest of the day to claw back but could not bridge the gap...after a long tough fight 2nd in the 6 hour Duo was as good as it got...

Most importantly great day with great people...Wems staff top notch, put on an awesome event...more later...and pics soon


Monday, March 1, 2010

Team in Training

Team Vesrah Lion Hayes has been doing its yearly prep work for another fine season of racing. Race schedule needs some fine tuning, but whenever and wherever we show up we will be stylin...RLED will be pimpin us up this year with new jerseys...check back for more free dopey looks and video...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

3 Time Open Team Champs

Team Vesrah is looking forward to an awesome 2010 season. The team is in full swing training mode right now to come out and have big time fun in 2010. The goal remains the same. Living a healthy lifestyle havin fun with its Mountain Bike family. While havin fun the team has been able to rack up 3 consecutive Championships in the 12 hour open team category. Team Vesrah Brakes Hayes Roaring Lion can not wait to see what its sponsors have cooked up this year. Vesrah brakes alway supplies us with the best brake pads available allowing the team to ride deeper into every turn with its superb pad technology. The Hayes Group was busy in the off season coming up with its new design. The Prime design will give our team a huge advantage over the competition. This off season has been by far the best as far as motivated for training goes. Roaring Lion energy drink as brought the energy levels to an all time high. Keep it tuned to this blog for more Team Vesrah Hayes Lion.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Vesrah Hayes Lion Snow Ride 1-14-10

Snuck in an outisde ride today...check out the video...still experimenting with lense angle...got in an intense Interval stationary bike yesterday...


Monday, January 11, 2010

Vesrah Lion Hayes mail bag

2009 12 Hour Open Team Champions...and a useable trophy

Been gettin in the indoor training...cold and work have been limiting the outside stuff...

New mini Dv will be gettin me outdoors tho to get some testing done

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

12-31-09 Team Vesrah Snow Ride

Luckily Goofy looks are always free on this blog...

Vesrah boys Kenny and Mark enjoying the weather...

Mark in a winter wonderland...

Makin white tracks...oooooooh the sound of snow under wheel

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Went back to work in the snow...12-30-09

After a few days on the trainer i finally got out on a real bike...mighta been cold, mighta been blowin snow...preride Roaring Lion got me out the door...and kept me goin...Vesrah/Hayes worked perfectly in the conditions...
my Top Fuel insisted on some snow angels...i told her it wouldnt work...

quick head shot video...im gettin pretty good one handed


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